In an effort to streamline the deployment process for Office 2016 and Office 365 ProPlus, a GitHub repository has been created with a collection of scripts and other projects. The repository is meant to be a place for IT Pros to come and find solutions that will make tasks related to deploying and maintaining Office easier.

All items in the master branch of the repository are tested and ready to use. Each script has a ReadMe file that explains how to use it. The main ReadMe has a list of the name and descriptions for all of the scripts in the repository.

If you would like to contribute to repository please following the instructions
'How to Contribute to this project' in the main ReadMe file in the repository.

Also hosted in the GitHub repository is web based editor for the Click-To-Run version of the Office Deployment Tool. This page allows you to graphically generate and edit the configuration file used with Office Click-To-Run deployments. The link for this page is listed below.

Office Click-To-Run Configuration XML Editor